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Screw Pile Company


To find a qualified screw pile comapany may sometimes be difficult, many screw pile companies use unqualified cheap labour to install screw piles and operate machinery and still do to this day. Here at 1st Call Screw Piles our operators are certified with thousands of hours of experience in screw pile installation. As an experienced screw pile company, 1st Call Screw Piles has the experience you need to get the job done right.

Screw Pile Installation Techiques


At 1st Call Screw Piles our operators are trained in screw pile installation using laser leveling equipment as well a string line to ensure we install screw piles straight and level every time. If you don't have time or just want us to do mark it out for you, for a small fee we can measure and mark locations for the screw piles. We take pride in the screw piles we install and it shows in every screw pile installation we do. We have tracked modern screw pile istallation equipment to suit every job whether its a mud pit, rough terrain or finished lawn. Although wet weather can be challenging 1st Call Screw Piles will make every effort to be clean and leave the site as we found it.

Screw Pile Installation


1st Call Screw Piles Ltd. uses the best Equipment and Helical Screw Piles made, everyone of our Screw Piles are made using the same techniques and randomly tested by qualified a Materials engineer to ensure our screw piles stand the test of time. You can feel confident about our Screw Pile Company and the Helical Screw Piles we use. Below Engineering certification of our most used Screw Piles and graphs showing the load ratings of the screw piles.

Screw Pile Installation

Screw Pile Contractor


1st Call Screw Piles Ltd. is a screw pile contractor serving the Edmonton area, we have installed thousands of screw piles over the years using modern equipment and techniques. When it comes to screw pile companies, 1st Call Screw Piles offers competitive rates, knowledgeable screw pile installation techs and fast and friendly service. At 1st Call Screw Piles we listen to our customers to ensure they are getting exactly what they ask for and make sure the screw piles are installed properly.  We are a screw pile company that cares about the screw piles we install, the work we do and our customers. We are constantly challenging the industry standards and improving screw pile installation techniques.


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